Ms. Natalia


Siemens Healthineers
Global Lead for PPPs and Greenfield Hospitals
Frankfurt am Main



Professional Experience

Eng. Natalia Korchakova-Heeb is Global Lead for Public-Private Partnerships and Greenfield Hospitals at Siemens Healthineers, a global leading medical equipment company with more than 64 000 employees worldwide (part of Siemens AG).

She has extensive experience in PPPs, public procurement and in advising national governments on improving their national PPP frameworks in the various jurisdictions. She is currently PPP-speaker for the German Health Alliance, coordinator of Working Groups on Partnerships in the Global Health Hub Germany, member of the Steering Committee of the World Association of PPP Units and PPP Experts (WAPPP) and Head of the PPP Health Chapter at the same organisation. Her experience includes working for 14 years for the European Commission in Ukraine and private companies in Germany dealing with healthcare PPPs. She founded PPPHealth4All, a global platform to facilitate preparation of sustainable PPPs in the healthcare sector.


Natalia holds a Diploma in Environmental Management from Claude Bernard University (France) and honors diplomas with distinction in Mechanical Engineering and in Intellectual Property Rights (Ukraine). Natalia was twice a fellow of the International Policy Fellowship (Hungary), recipient of the Freedom Support Act - Fellowship for Contemporary Issues (USA), awarded by the Loyola Marymount University (USA) for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and was a recipient of several state awards and recognitions from the Government of Ukraine and a medal for loyal services from the European Commission.