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I would like my profile to appear in the web profiles and the WAPPP Profiles app.

Membership : 100 EUR
Web Profile : 50 EUR
Payment Period : The annual fee (100 EUR) will be invoiced each year in advance for the following year.
Total : 100 EUR
You will benefit from a "young under 35" discount of EUR 50 on the annual fees

Individual membership for practitioners
I would like to become an individual member of WAPPP. The annual fee is EUR 100.– (incl. VAT) if I am at least 36 years of age, and EUR 50.– (incl. VAT) if I am up to 35 years old.

This membership fee includes a subscription to the WAPPP Quarterly, and one copy of each WAPPP Special Series. Members may attend WAPPP events at member rates, and may sign up for a web-profile.

The amount below is what you owe for 2023. Your membership will be automatically renewed every year. Fees will be invoiced annually for the full calendar year, ie. January to December.

As per the WAPPP Articles of Association, all membership cancellations must be given by email or letter before the end of the year (31 December), and cancellations will be effective for the next year (1 January).